A gripping work exploring envy, greed and isolation. The glorious music of Mozart and Salieri is interwoven with a spell-binding plot and larger-than-life characters. This riveting story traces the life of Mozart and examines his isolation by a society that accepts the musical works but not the composer.

Amadeus, like the music which inspired its choreographer, is finely balanced and beautifully paced. It touches on some of Igor Dobrovolskiy’s recurring themes: isolation, envy, and the solitary life of the outsider.

Choreography – Igor Dobrovolskiy
Music – W.A. Mozart, A. Salieri
Set and Costume Design – Michael Eagan
Lighting Design – Pierre Lavoie

OCTOBER 1, 2022 — Dalhousie, N.B.
FEBRUARY 3-10, 2023 — European Tour

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