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A gripping work exploring envy, greed and isolation. The glorious music of Mozart and Salieri is interwoven with a spell-binding plot and larger-than-life characters. This riveting story traces the life of Mozart and examines his isolation by a society that accepts the musical works but not the composer.

Amadeus, like the music which inspired its choreographer, is finely balanced and beautifully paced. It touches on some of Igor Dobrovolskiy’s recurring themes: isolation, envy, and the solitary life of the outsider.

Mr. Dobrovolskiy stretches out time and motion as if carefully measuring the moments left in Mozart’s short life. Narrative and choreography present a subtle dialectic of endless movement which begins with the relentless tick, tick, tick of the metronome and ends with the soundless rushing of the sands of time.
The opening of the ballet is a stunner…
-The Globe and Mail


The Canadian company is really excellent, successfully conveying the powerful drama of the story, and capturing the audience with brilliantly sustained dynamics, in a lavishly choreographed crescendo.
-Le Main libre

Le Mans France


Inspired by Gason Leroux’s 1910 novel, of the same name, Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is a captivating story which evokes timeless themes and images of outcasts, love, and the power of obsession.
The story has continued to excite the imaginations of readers. reaching across different cultures and eras. An exile, rejected by the only world he knows, Erik, the Phantom, hides a romantic heart and a sensitive soul. But driven by a hopeless love, he becomes a menacing spectre, inhabiting a sinister domain of his own creation.
With original choreography by Igor Dobrovolskiy set to the music of Francis Poulenc, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA features lush costumes created by Paul Daigle and an intriguing set design by Brian Perchaluk. Pierre Lavoie’s ethereal mix of light and shadows perfectly captures the eerie world where a love triangle ensnares, Erik, the beautiful ingénue whom he loves, and the dashing young viscount who wins her heart.

…an impressive flare for the dramatic…

-The Globe and Mail



Unprincipled lothario or hopeless romantic? Igor Dobrovolskiy’s lighthearted contemporary ballet takes a witty and fresh look at the legend of one of history’s most flamboyant characters.

A dazzling fusion of inventive sets, exquisite lighting and sparkling choreography set to the music of George Gershwin, deliver the perfect setting for the virtuosity and athleticism of the dancers of Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. Costumes created by Denis Lavoie, who designed Mick Jagger’s wardrobe for the Voodoo Lounge Tour, completely capture the outrageous and playful mood of this vividly theatrical farce.


S’inspirant de l’opéra composé par Beethoven, Igor Dobrovolskiy donne à l’histoire
de FIDELIO une interprétation contemporaine vivante, dramatique et semée
d’humour. Réglé sur la fusion des Septième et Huitième symphonies de Beethoven,
FIDELIO a été créé le 11 septembre au réputé Festival Beethoven, à Bonn en
Allemagne. La représentation d’Halifax N.-É. a constitué la première canadienne
de l’oeuvre et initie une riche collaboration avec Symphony Nova Scotia. En faisant
converger la vélocité athlétique et la virtuosité des danseurs dans le mouvement
sublime d’une histoire divertissante, le Ballet-théâtre atlantique du Canada
continue de repenser la danse classique et de galvaniser les spectateurs.
…nous tâchons de présenter à Bonn l’élite du monde international
de la danse. Le Ballet-théâtre atlantique s’est fait connaître pour ses
adaptations de grandes oeuvres de la littérature mondiale. Il nous
semblait idéal de choisir cette compagnie pour raconter l’histoire
immense de FIDELIO dans un ballet plein programme, ici à Bonn, la
ville même de Beethoven.
Burkhard Nemitz / directeur général adjoint, Theater Bonn.


The monumental story of pride, folly and broken dreams.

Set on the stark and melancholy scores of Dmitri Shostakovich, Igor Dobrovolskiy’s haunting interpretation of Shakespeare’s towering drama examines the perpetual balance between action and repercussion, arrogance and humanity.

A narcissistic king, secure in his long-held power, brings the world around him to chaos, and becomes the author of his own deep anguish when he understands that what he has torn apart can never be rebuilt.

Dobrovolskiy collaborates once again with three stellar designers and an icon of Canadian theatre to create an ominous and sinister world, where false realities and vengeful traps yield devastating consequences.

…an impressive flare for the dramatic…

-The Globe and Mail



Igor Dobrovolskiy returns to William Shakespeare to create a one–act ballet based the Bard’s timeless romance.

No other play by Shakespeare has been such a rich source of inspiration for composers and choreographers.
Set on Tchaikovsky’s Fantasy Overture “Romeo and Juliet”, and Symphony No. 4 in F minor – Andante sostenuto, the ballet creates a world of caprice and uncertainty. Young lovers who have just barely left behind their childhood, face the consequences of feeling too deeply in a world where there is no clemency for breaking rules.


Inspired by Beethoven’s opera of the same name, Igor Dobrovolskiy’s full length ballet, FIDELIO, made its world premiere at the prestigious Beethovenfest in Bonn, Germany. The ballet was a co-production with Theater Bonn.
This gender-bending interpretation of Beethoven’s story has become a favorite with audience of all ages.
Florestan, who has denounced the corruption of the predatory Prison Commandant Doña Pizarro, is and locked away in an impenetrable cell. Leonora, his wife, determined to save him at all costs, disguises herself as a man – Fidelio – and infiltrates the prison.

Giving a dynamic, and contemporary approach to Beethoven’s story, Dobrovolskiy’s FIDELIO, vibrates with spirit, drama and humour. The ballet is a transcendent fusion of Beethoven’s Symphonies 7 and 8 with the athletic velocity and artistic virtuosity of the internationally acclaimed dancers of the Company.

…we try to present the international dance elite in Bonn. The Atlantic Ballet Theatre has won recognition through the adaptations of great stories of world literature. The company seemed to us to be ideal to narrate the big story of FIDELIO as a full-length ballet in Bonn, the city of Beethoven.