World Premiere – 13-05-2014

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Choreography - Igor Dobrovolskiy
Music - Edith Piaf and others
Lighting Design - Pierre Lavoie
Video Design - Ghislain Ouellette
Set Design - Shawn Donellsen

Abandoned by her mother at birth, raised by her grandmother in a brothel, encouraged to sing by her Father- a street acrobatic Edith Piaf became one of France’s most legendary singers of all times. Artistic Director, Igor Dobrovolskiy and the exceptional dancers of Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada explore a life shrouded in mystery, love and tragedy reflected in the authentic and life inspired songs of the great Edith Piaf.

… a tribute to the power of dance as a vehicle for storytelling. You smile, you cry, you dream…

-l’Acadie Nouvelle