World Premiere – 11-09-2010

CO-PRODUCTION Theatre Bonn, Germany

Music - Ludwig van Beethoven
Lighting Design - Pierre Lavoie
Costume Design - Denis Lavoie
Set Design - Brian Perchaluk

Inspired by Beethoven’s opera of the same name, Igor Dobrovolskiy’s full length ballet, FIDELIO, made its world premiere at the prestigious Beethovenfest in Bonn, Germany. The ballet was a co-production with Theater Bonn.
This gender-bending interpretation of Beethoven’s story has become a favorite with audience of all ages.
Florestan, who has denounced the corruption of the predatory Prison Commandant Doña Pizarro, is and locked away in an impenetrable cell. Leonora, his wife, determined to save him at all costs, disguises herself as a man – Fidelio – and infiltrates the prison.

Giving a dynamic, and contemporary approach to Beethoven’s story, Dobrovolskiy’s FIDELIO, vibrates with spirit, drama and humour. The ballet is a transcendent fusion of Beethoven’s Symphonies 7 and 8 with the athletic velocity and artistic virtuosity of the internationally acclaimed dancers of the Company.

…we try to present the international dance elite in Bonn. The Atlantic Ballet Theatre has won recognition through the adaptations of great stories of world literature. The company seemed to us to be ideal to narrate the big story of FIDELIO as a full-length ballet in Bonn, the city of Beethoven.