World Premiere – 06-10-2006

Moncton New Brunswick

Music - François Poulenc
Dramaturge - Sharon Pollock
Set - Brian Perchaluk
Costume - Paul Daigle
Lighting - Pierre Lavoie

Inspired by Gaston Leroux’s 1910 novel, of the same name, Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is a captivating story which evokes timeless themes and images of outcasts, love, and the power of obsession.
The story has continued to excite the imaginations of readers. reaching across different cultures and eras. An exile, rejected by the only world he knows, Erik, the Phantom, hides a romantic heart and a sensitive soul. But driven by a hopeless love, he becomes a menacing spectre, inhabiting a sinister domain of his own creation.
With original choreography by Igor Dobrovolskiy set to the music of Francis Poulenc, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA features lush costumes created by Paul Daigle and an intriguing set design by Brian Perchaluk. Pierre Lavoie’s ethereal mix of light and shadows perfectly captures the eerie world where a love triangle ensnares, Erik, the beautiful ingénue whom he loves, and the dashing young viscount who wins her heart.

…an impressive flare for the dramatic…

-The Globe and Mail