World Premiere – 10-10-2008

Moncton New Brunswick

Music - Dimitri Shostakovich
Dramaturge - Sharon Pollock
Costume Design - Denis Lavoie
Lighting Design - Pierre Lavoie

The monumental story of pride, folly and broken dreams.

Set on the stark and melancholy scores of Dmitri Shostakovich, Igor Dobrovolskiy’s haunting interpretation of Shakespeare’s towering drama examines the perpetual balance between action and repercussion, arrogance and humanity.

A narcissistic king, secure in his long-held power, brings the world around him to chaos, and becomes the author of his own deep anguish when he understands that what he has torn apart can never be rebuilt.

Dobrovolskiy collaborates once again with three stellar designers and an icon of Canadian theatre to create an ominous and sinister world, where false realities and vengeful traps yield devastating consequences.

…an impressive flare for the dramatic…

-The Globe and Mail