Creative excellence is at the core of all that we do at Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. Creativity is the ability to transcend traditions to build meaningful new ideas and innovations. It allows us to see the world differently.

We believe the arts are a means to engage communities in public dialogue, contribute to the development of a community’s creative learning, provide a powerful tool for community mobilization, and help build community capacity and leadership. In addition to creating and touring internationally, Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada actively engages in projects and initiatives in the community every year on relevant challenges and issues.

Celebrate Courage – Ghosts of Violence

Celebrate Courage – Ghosts of Violence An Innovative Approach to Improving the Lives of Adolescence and Young Adults. Celebrate Courage is an award-winning national youth educational initiative developed by Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada to address epidemic levels of youth dating violence. The program represents a new model for engaging young men and women to build …

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HOMEbody The HOMEbody Symposium 2015 is a public engagement initiative of Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada. The symposium focused on shaping the future of New Brunswick by bringing together over 246 participants, representing a cross-section of community builders, post-secondary students from across the province and newcomers to New Brunswick. The HOMEbody Symposium was in partnership with …

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Leadership and the Arts: Inspiring Creativity

Leadership and the Arts: Inspiring Creativity Our workshops utilize artistic perspectives and skills exploring leadership abilities through structured experiences that inspire creativity and allow participants to connect and mentally shift perspective. The 21st first century confronts us with unprecedented challenges. These times call for exceptional leadership at a global, national, organizational, and community level and …

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Youth Programs

Youth Programs All children should have sufficient and equal opportunity to experience the arts. Young people who both attend and participate in the arts become more creative and critical thinkers develop a strong self-image and are more willing to try new experiences. The arts enhance academic performance and communication skills and, help young people to …

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Creative Services

Creative Services CORPORATE & EVENTS From intimate gatherings to large corporate events and public indoor and outdoor productions, the task for the our Event team is to develop customized content. We work closely with each client to ensure their objectives throughout the creative process. In everything from individual artistic performances to whole concepts of key …

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Downtown Dances

Bringing our community together to re-imagine our downtown. A co-creation of Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada and Kaeja d’Dance Downtown Dances 2019 will be from August 26 to August 28 MAIN DANCE DAY: AUGUST 28, 11AM to 2PM   Map of sites and activities REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE and be part of Downtown Dance 2019 BRINGING OUR …

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