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Les arts et le leadership: Inspirer la créativité

Nos ateliers font appel aux points de vue et aux habiletés artistiques pour explorer les qualités de leadership au moyen d’expériences structurées qui poussent vers la créativité, qui permettent aux participants de s’y connecter et d’opérer un virage dans leur mentalité.

Le vingt-et-unième siècle nous propose des défis inédits, faisant appel à un leadership exceptionnel à l’échelle planétaire, nationale, entrepreneuriale et communautaire et aussi à des habiletés nouvelles. Des études menées par le Conference Board et IBM Global CEO indiquent que dans notre monde actuel, la créativité est le besoin le plus crucial en leadership.

Le Ballet-théâtre atlantique du Canada s’engage à appliquer nos pratiques de création pour aider les entreprises et les communautés à voir leurs leurs problèmes, leurs défis (et les solutions qui pourraient s’offrir) de manière différente.

Un problème créé ne peut être résolu en réfléchissant de la même manière qu’il a été créé… Il faut apprendre à voir le monde avec un œil neuf.

-Albert Einstein

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Leadership and The Arts: Inspiring Creativity

Our workshops utilize artistic perspectives and skills exploring leadership abilities through structured experiences that inspire creativity and allow participants to connect and mentally shift perspective.

The 21st first century confronts us with unprecedented challenges. These times call for exceptional leadership at a global, national, organizational, and community level and a new set of skills. Research conducted by the Conference Board and the IBM Global CEO study indicates that the number one leadership need in today’s world is creativity.

Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada is committed to using our creative practices to help organizations and communities look differently at their issues and challenges (and the solutions that can be possible).

You can never solve a problem on the level at which it was created…You must learn to see the world anew.

-Albert Einstein

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Fuelling Creative Excellence

Creative excellence is the core of the Atlantic Ballet’s success. New ballets are seen at home in New Brunswick and tour in Canada, United States and across Europe. Great pride is taken in the Company’s role as cultural ambassador of artistic excellence. None of the Company’s programming is possible without the creation of at least one new work each year to present to audiences in New Brunswick and beyond. Performances are created by the renowned Artistic Director Igor Dobrovolskiy.

The Creation Fund provides Igor Dobrovolskiy with the financial foundation to explore opportunities for creative collaborations and the ability to plan new productions over the long-term. Knowing that future funding is committed, allows the company to pursue new creations enhancing the development of our artists, inspiring our audiences and creating a platform for the growth of the company as a whole.

Join us in fueling innovation and creativity and be part of the process. You will enjoy unique access to ballets in progress through meetings with creative teams and witnessing choreographers and dancers at work. Creation Fund donors are asked for a commitment of 20,000 to $50,000 annually for five years.

Contact us at 506-383-5951 Ext:102 or email: [email protected].

Minutes of Creation

  • Acquire a minute at $1,000, and enjoy the following benefits:
  • You will also receive the following benefits:
  • An invitation for two to attend an excerpt from the work in the intimacy of our studios, and meet the Artistic Director, the dancers and members of the creative team;
  • Two tickets to attend the world premiere;
  • Two invitations to the pre or post-performance reception
  • Mention of your name or your company and the minute that you have purchased in the official evening program,
  • A receipt for the maximum eligible amount for income tax purposes.



Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada serves as an international Ambassador through tours across Canada, Europe and the United States.

Touring is an essential part of our vision to enhance the company’s visibility and reputation for excellence. For our dancers, opportunities to perform in Canada and internationally provide them exposure to new audiences and more experiences to develop their artistry.


Share Your talent and passion with us!

Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada would like to thank you for your interest in our organization and for
exploring the opportunity to volunteer for us.

We know that our volunteers have many skills, talents, and expertise in various areas and we welcome
the opportunity for you to share your talents with us!

To learn more about volunteering please contact us:
Phone: (506) 383-5951 x 102
Email: [email protected]

About Grant Thornton

Successful arts organizations—much like successful businesses— know their achievements depend on the daring and quality of their efforts and in their capacity to step away from the pack. It’s that culture of excellence, optimism and determination embodied in Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada which first led Grant Thornton to become a Founding Sponsor.

Our cultural institutions are vital to the enrichment of our quality of life. We’re pleased to be a partner in the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada’s success as they continue to play a significant role in elevating the arts to even greater heights in communities across Canada.

At Grant Thornton, we believe that leadership and corporate social responsibility are essential elements in today’s business environment. This is why we’re deeply proud to work with the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada, a company that lives this philosophy each day.

Learn more about Grant Thornton.