Igor Dobrovolskiy

I want the audience to come away with something personal – to see the beauty of the work, the dancers and the aesthetic – but also experience a personal exploration, so that they recognize themselves in the dance – their own relationships and narratives. These are the touch points of accessibility, connectivity and of understanding each other as a community.

Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada Igor Dobrovolskiy immigrated to Canada with his wife Yuliia in 2000. He is an award winning director and one of Canada’s most prolific choreographers—having created eleven full length ballets, one one-act ballet and 48 short works to date for Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. Igor Dobrovolskiy’s creative work catapulted Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada, on to the international stage. Beginning in 2006 Dobrovolskiy’s works created for the company have toured regularly through-out Europe- Belgium, Switzerland, France and Germany and the United States.

Igor Dobrovolskiy’s works weave dramatic narrative with inventive choreography to create powerful, emotional and lyrical forms which explore the human condition. Drawing on an extensive musical and literary background, as well as his experience as a dancer, teacher and choreographer, Mr. Dobrovolskiy uses the solid foundation of classical ballet technique as a springboard for an expressive dance lexicon limited only by his boundless imagination.

Igor Dobrovolskiy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in pedagogy of ballet, dance and choreography from the Kiev National University of the Arts. His professional career has taken him across Europe, and South America. Collaborating with like-minded artists attracted by his vision and his artistic philosophy, Mr. Dobrovolskiy has created a work environment which has become a focus for exploration and discovery. His creative team, many of whom have worked with him for several years, nurture connections between seemingly unrelated elements to create organic works which blend all creative components.

Mr. Dobrovolskiy’s creations present an integrated structure influenced by literature, film, theatre, the visual arts and new media. Set, costume, lighting, music and choreography are all intrinsic to the work. Set pieces and props are not merely decorative components but become developed elements which are integrated in collaboration with a full creative team for each production.

He has built a company of high artistic standard and international appeal which has resulted in a loyal and growing audience nationally and globally.

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