The HOMEbody Symposium 2015 is a public engagement initiative of Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada. The symposium focused on shaping the future of New Brunswick by bringing together over 246 participants, representing a cross-section of community builders, post-secondary students from across the province and newcomers to New Brunswick.

The HOMEbody Symposium was in partnership with artist-in-residence and creator of the HOMEbody performance Shannon Litzenberger whose artistic work inspired the event, as well as Artslink NB.

The packed full bilingual symposium included hearing the stories of twenty-two “Changemakers”, including emerging businesses, place makers, newcomers and social ventures that are “making it” in New Brunswick. Their stories helped shape the conversation on what can be achieved in New Brunswick. The day’s dialogue culminated in challenging participants to “ Create their Story” of why New Brunswick is a great place to live, work, innovate and create by identifying assets, key opportunities and possible projects and narratives on how to build the province’s future.

The symposium included presentations from by John Bragg, Chairman & Co-CEO Oxford Frozen Foods Ltd. President; Owner and Founder of Eastlink; Richard Saillant, Director of the Canadian Institute for Research on Public Policy and Public Administration; award winning Canadian author, Noah Richler and dancer choreographer Shannon Litzenberger.

To learn More about the HOMEbody Symposium and see read the E-book: www.homebodysymposium.com

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