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A co-creation of Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada and Kaeja d’Dance Downtown Dances 2018 will be from August 21 to August 23


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On August 18th, 2016 over 400 people took to the streets in Downtown Moncton to participate in Downtown Dances. Citizens from local businesses and organizations participated in choreographed dances lead by professional dancers. Following the Dances, there was a public dialogue session with participants of all ages at the Riverfront Park. Over a picnic lunch, citizens were asked to share their thoughts about their dream downtown, what downtown means to them and why they love it. Their thoughts were captured through community chalkboards, table top flipcharts, interviews, and a photo booth.

The event was hosted by the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada and Kaeja d’Dance, a Toronto-based professional dance company led by Allen and Karen Kaeja.

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Discovering Downtown Moncton differently.

Real people working in real businesses as well as our Mayor and City Council participated in the choreographies to tell the story of our downtown to music in seven locations on Main Street.

Starting on the corner of Main and Lutz Street, all were invited to join with downtown workers and community members who walked through the Downtown core, let by two vibrant guides. The walk ended in the beautiful Riverfront Park, where participants were invited to join a simple audience inclusive Flock landing created by Karen Kaeja, followed by engaging conversation on re-imagining our Downtown.

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What should our downtown look like?

Many ideas, insights and thoughts around what our downtown should look like were shared by citizens, young and old. Arts & culture, accessibility, inclusivity, sense of community, workplace and quality of life were among the common themes that came out in small group discussions, interviews, doodles and photos.

An extraordinary experience. I was blown away by the participation, of both dancers and audience. It brought fire to the process of re-imagining Downtown Moncton, and 10 times better than simply having a Town Hall for brainstorming ideas.

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